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From the Desk of the C.E.O.

Every Monday at Old Mill Road Media, we hold a team meeting. At last week’s meeting, someone suggested that I share an Old Mill Road “Top Ten List” for 2021. As I reviewed the year’s highlights, 2 themes emerged: “Organizational Collaborations” & “Teamwork”. While these are hopefully not unique to 2021, they certainly made 2021 a happier and more successful year for all of us. Without further ado, this year’s “Top Ten List”... in no particular order:

Broadway in Vermont

Larry Mestel


Pres Laura Walker

WEQX / Benjamin Lerner

VTmag photo contest - 1141 x 757 (1).png

Photo & Writing Contest

John Williams


Alice's Restaurant

Jimmy ienner Jr. Photos 

Jimmy photos (1).png

Hancock Village

Deb Carter's Fashion

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